our staff - paul briedenbach


Paul joined the McAdam Landscaping team in 2016 as the Maintenance Supervisor. The most important part of his job is working directly with all the crews, especially the maintenance crews, and the operations of each crew on a day to day basis. He plays a fundamental role in other areas of production, including shop operations, vehicle and equipment maintenance operations, tracking all crews, purchasing small equipment, first responder for any on jobsite injury, and organizing training classes for crews throughout the season.

Paul has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Sociology.  For many years he worked as Behavior Specialist in Oak Park, IL. He is a single father with an amazing eight-year-old son. He also enjoys being a part time artist, piano player, cooking, gardening, being out in nature, and enjoying a good laugh. He is also actively involved in Fathers Helping Fathers and Father’s Rights.