Landscape Designer

Shawn has Bachelor’s of Science in Landscape Architecture (minor in Urban Planning) and started with McAdam in the Fall of 2020 serving as a member of the design team.  While newer into the industry, he has an extensive background of schooling and experiences that help him be successful in his career.  Originally wanting to study architecture, he studied for 2 years at IIT before changing his area of study to landscape architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He was able to obtain great education and travel opportunities along the way, bringing him to places such as Minneapolis, New York City, Memphis, and Beijing.  

Before finding his home at McAdam, he worked various odds and ends jobs.  While studying for landscape architecture, he had internships with various ILCA member companies including The Barn Nursery, James Martin Associates, and Pamela Self LA.  Following graduation, he moved to Raleigh, NC and worked for a multi-disciplinary engineering and construction firm: SEPI. He gained vast experience in reading and applying city code, Autocad shortcuts, and collaborating with civil engineers, surveyors, roadway designers, and water management professionals.

When not working he enjoys spending his free time geocaching, playing board games, design-centric video games, spending time with friends, family, and his Australian cattle dog.