Over 43 years of unrivaled quality and service.

McAdam Landscaping is a family-owned and operated landscape contracting business anchored by excellence in service. Since our founders, brothers Scott and Rob McAdam, launched operations in 1979, we have become one of the region’s most reputed names in landscaping. Amid an increasingly crowded and competitive industry, we continue to pride ourselves on our professionalism.  As members of multiple state and national professional associations, including the Illinois Landscape Contractor’s Association and AmericanHort, we understand the importance of supporting the industry that supports us.  With these affiliations, we are able to remain on the cutting edge of best practices, education, training, and legislative advocacy to better service our clients.

Not only is McAdam a full-service landscape contractor that provides landscape maintenance, construction/installation, and design services, we also are one of the region’s largest snow and ice management contractors and operate an on-site retail garden center.

In an increasingly environmentally-consicious society, we have always been committed to being responsible stewards of our environment. Urban and suburban landscapes have vast environmental impacts on carbon sequestration, storm water filtration, and mitigating “heat island” impacts.  Examples of some of our green initiatives – we were one of the first companies in the area to install LiveRoof, we manufacture our own compost and topsoil to reduce waste and the carbon footprint from hauling, and the majority of our current paver installations include permeable bases.

our staff

Scott McAdam

Rob McAdam
Vice President

Scott McAdam Jr.
Executive Vice President

Jennifer McAdam
Human Resources and Administrative Manager

Greg Johnston
Purchasing Manager/Garden Center Manager

Lena Carl
Office Manager

Maryann Caprio Ward
Account Manager and Seasonal Color

Jennifer Alcala

Patrick Sheahan
Operations Manager - Maintenance

Jeff Levin
Construction Operations Manager

Rick Repenning
Construction Manager/Comm. Business Development

Joe King
Residential Client Representative

Paul Breidenbach
Operations Manager

Lily Sharp
Landscape Designer

Steve Gigante
Nursery Manager

Anthony Harris
Yard Manager

Randy Nicholson
Facility Maintenance Manager

Dolf Jurina

Dave Burnett
Small Engine Mechanic