“Honest, timely, and quality work.”

The landscape team’s workmanship was exceptional, and the bonus was that they left the yard cleaner than they found it!  If you want landscaping designed and the installed the right way, this is the company for you. Honest, timely, and quality work.  We were impressed by the quality of the outcome, and how easy the McAdam team was to work with, from design through installation.  

Feel free to add “and Pops is a gem”, because he is! 

Jennifer B. / Homeowner, Chicago, IL

Award Winning Design!

In December when my wife Georga told me that the Village of Oak Park had called to say that our house had been voted a Cavalcade of Pride winner for 2015, my first response was, “It’s about time, the house is over 100 years old.” As I reflected on the matter, it wasn’t the house alone that was being recognized, but the combination of house and landscaping. The award was as much to McAdam as to us. Thanks for your patient counsel over the years. We may not always agree on what should be done, i.e. the backyard Norway Maple (which you were probably right about now that it has grown into a monster). But we always had a sound, respectful relationship.

Al and Georga / Homeowner, Oak Park, IL

So happy with the results!

Love and appreciate the view. It is absolutely stunning and priceless. And we love the Birch trees as well! I will confess I got worried at one point, because they were thriving so well that they were blocking the front of the house and its architectural significance, and blocking light from coming in through the living room windows. But alas, I spoke to Jeff and he calmed me down (I asked should we relocate them!). He recommended pruning them, to remove some of the lower branches, and expose more of the trunk and its glorious bark. We went with that, and we’re much, much happier.

Linda / Homeowner, Oak Park, IL

Patio drainage solved our problem.

Once again our patio has been storm tested and the results went very well. Although I prepared the pumps and hoses for an afternoon of maintaining a dry basement, the drainage at the back steps functioned very well. The patio drained under the seat wall and the water ran down into the drain and out the back fence area. Normally, the sump would be filling quite fast and pumping would be in full swing. No standing water except for the area that we will work on next spring by the garage. Our stress level has been significantly reduced…Thank you again.

Dave & Connie / Homeowner, Westchester, IL

We trust McAdam Landscaping.

I don’t ask him for price quotes. That’s how much I trust him. I know that the materials he provides will always be in good condition and that the price is affordable. He stands behind his work.

Ellen Steinberg / Homeowner

Seeing it through.

We’re very happy with the quality of McAdam’s work. They have the perseverance to make things right.

Dan & Bonnie Shamblin / Homeowner

House looks so good!

Thank you and the staff for always making our house look so good.  Please make sure you let our regular crew know how pleased we are with our service.

John B / Homeowner, River Forest, IL